Values OPA

In our institution, it is essential to have clear and strong values that guide our mission and actions. These values are the foundation upon which daily work is built, providing direction and coherence to all activities carried out. At the Office for Adoptions, we take pride in presenting the values that guide our work and enable us to fulfill our commitment to ensuring the well-being of children and adolescents:

Priority in users

Our priority lies with two main types of users, primarily and at the center of our activity, children and adolescents. Next, each of the individuals and families seeking qualification.

Technical quality

The OPA staff is characterized by their competence in performing their duties, in addition to having the necessary accreditations with a focus on Human Rights.


It is an office constantly innovating in each of the actions it undertakes regarding its working model.

Healthy work environment

The work climate at OPA is based on empathy, recognition, and efficiency. Additionally, there is a spirit of teamwork and technical leadership.

Professional ethics

The staff performs their responsibilities with the highest standards of ethics, being themselves an example of good practices to be exercised in their workplace.

Institutional integrity

Material resources are used efficiently, making good use of technologies, computer equipment, personal and legal information of users, all done with transparency.