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Qualification of national applicants

The eligibility assessment for national applicants is an important process in the context of adoptions. It involves evaluating the abilities and conditions of individuals who wish to adopt domestically. It is carried out through a comprehensive evaluation that encompasses legal, socioeconomic, emotional, and familial aspects

Eligibility assessment of foreign applicants for adoption

International adoption, in accordance with the Hague Convention on Protection of Children and Co-operation in Respect of Intercountry Adoption, is a process that aims to ensure the rights and well-being of children involved in the adoption process. In this regard, the Adoption Office processes applications from international adoptive parents based on this convention.


Selection and assignment of adoptive parents

During this process, a comprehensive evaluation of the applicants is conducted, which includes personal interviews, psychological assessments, background checks, and home visits. The goal is to determine the suitability of the adoptive parents in emotional, financial, and familial terms.

Listening to the opinions of children and adolescents who are subjects of adoption

Listening to the opinions of children and adolescents who are subjects of adoption is of utmost importance in the process, as it allows the child or adolescent to have the opportunity to express their thoughts, feelings, and preferences regarding their adoption. By listening to the child’s opinion, they are recognized as a rights-bearing individual and provided with the opportunity to be heard and considered in decisions that significantly impact their life.


Legal and technical counseling for domestic and international adoption applicants

In the context of adoption, legal counseling aims to provide clear and accurate information about the legal procedures involved in the adoption process, as well as the requirements and steps that need to be fulfilled. This includes offering guidance in preparing the necessary documentation, explaining the timelines and stages of the process, and addressing any legal questions that may arise.

Authorization of Accredited Organizations in International Adoption Matters

The Authorization of Accredited Organizations in International Adoption is a process through which authorization is granted to specific organizations or entities to participate in the facilitation of international adoptions.

The Adoption Office (OPA) of El Salvador has established clear procedures for the accreditation of international organizations in adoption matters, as stipulated in Article 47 of the Adoption Law. Additionally, the Selection and Assignment Committee for Adoptive Families, chaired by the Executive Directorate of the OPA, is based on selection criteria for prospective applicants, ensuring transparent management grounded in the law.


Habitual Residency Application

The Habitual Residency Applicaction in El Salvador refers to an administrative process that allows a foreigner to obtain a temporary authorization to reside in the country for a specific period of time and for a specific purpose. The occasional residency is granted to those foreigners who wish to reside in El Salvador for a limited period of time. This authorization allows them to legally remain in the country during the period established in their application.

The Adoption Office is the only institution authorized to validate the consent of the mother and/or father in the adoption process. The OPA ensures that a transparent and law-abiding process is followed.

According to the Special Adoption Law, it is required that the parents personally provide their consent at our facilities within 45 days following the child’s birth. To ensure that the parents are capable of giving consent, a psychological evaluation is conducted by professionals specialized in behavior.

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