Access to Public Information Unit of the Adoption Office

Space dedicated to promoting transparency and access to information regarding the work carried out by the Adoption Office.

Statistical data of the Adoption Office in 2023


Family Qualification Applications


Families Qualified as Adoptive Parents


Adoptions Decreed in 2023


Consultations provided during the year


Single Registry of Families Eligible for Adoption

Information Request Form

Information Request Form for a specific topic or service related to the Adoption Office

Personal Data Request Form

Personal Information Request Form for Adoption Office Records

Complaint Form

Form for reporting and documenting incidents, misconduct or infractions committed in the Adoption Office

Name of the official Position
Licdo. René Gustavo Escobar Álvarez

President of the Board of Directors of the Adoption Office

MSc. Manuel Antonio Sánchez Estrada

Executive Director of the Adoption Office

OPA Transparency Portal

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